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Welcome to 2M Pharmaceuticals

Making specialty medicines accessible to all. We manufacture and market affordable medicines that comply with global standards and strive to achieve market leadership in domestic and international markets. We have been assessed and found to be in compliance with the requirements of the standard WHO GMP
(Good Manufacturing practices)

Direct from Director

With the blueprint, the journey began – A Journey of Dreams, Desire, Struggle, Togetherness & Faith. Gradually, “My” design turned into “Our” Design, that is


2M PHARMACEUTICALS establish as a result of the dedicated efforts put in by a team of committed professional with strong determination to serve the people, We Fight to become a knowledge driven with Quality products pharmaceautical company with highest Level of operation Excellence in sphere of life.

Oncology Medicine

Nephrology Medicine

Hiv Medicine

Surgical Products

Critical Care Products

Best in Pharma Services

Our Core Principles

Ethical Conduct

Honesty and integrity lie at the core of 2mpharmaceuticals Healthcare business values. Our operational review Committee, which reports to the Company Board of Directors, oversees all ethical issues. We expect all 2mpharmaceuticals employees to meet the highest of ethical standards in business conduct, and we entrust each and every member of our team to endorse and abide by our Code of Conduct.

Employment Practices

We value our employees as our most important asset, and we aim to be recognized as the market leader in recruiting and retaining the most distinguished of individuals. We repay our employees’ loyalty by investing in their future and welfare.

Products and customers

We place the customer first. Our products are created to contribute to bettering the lives of our customers and to alleviating suffering from illness. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations in all the locations where we operate, and we abide by strict ethical, medical, and scientific standards in the production and promotion of all 2mpharmaceuticals Healthcare products.

Our Core Values

Creating Value

2M Pharmaceuticals strongly believes in creating a value to our clients with the help of distribution and marketing of best quality of

Focused on Excellence

2M Pharmaceuticals has always believed in providing the services with excellence. The company has excellence in on its marketing research team and distribution

People First

2M Pharmaceuticals focus solely on people who are engaged in the complete process from the distribution of the products to the

Pioneering Performances

The 2M Pharmaceuticalss has a tactics & expertise that helps to market various products based on new innovative ideas relevant to marketing strategies